“Dalbo Must” Machinery Project

We are very satisfied with our machinery from ProFruit. Not only are the machines affordable and high-quality, but they are also easy and intuitive to use and we have managed to increase our production. The support we received and communication with Profruit was excellent.

Owner of “Dalbo Must”

About The Client

“Dalbo Must” is a family-owned apple farm and juice production factory in Finland. Their business journey started in 2013 with a goal to turn the excess apple harvest into something useful – lots of healthy and natural juice.

The Goal

As “Dalbo Must” was getting more clients every year, they started to search for options to increase their efficiency in juice production.

The Solution

After a thorough discussion, we offered fully automated machinery for apple crushing and juice production: fruit washer elevator mill MAXIMILL 3000 and belt press POWERPRESS 750.

The Benefits

Our fruit washer elevator mill and belt press significantly increased the efficiency of apple crushing and juice production. The machines led to a faster working process which benefited the client by being both convenient and easy-to-use.

Because the client purchased both products, it also provided him with better working dynamics as both machines are designed and developed to work together. This way all the work is done automatically and there are no gaps of any obstacles or manual work. The washer elevator mill washes the apples and cruches them into a mash which immediately enters the belt press for further processing. Then the mash is being pressed by the belts and cylinders of the machine which presses healthy and natural juice.

Increased efficiency

The Client Bought

You can check out the machinery which our client ordered and inspect the details by clicking on any of the products below.

Belt press for fruit, vegetable and berry processing
Fruit, berry & vegetable juice production equipment

Belt Press POWERPRESS 800

Belt presses POWERPRESS 800 are designed for pressing fruit, berry and vegetable mass. Fruit mass is placed on the belt which presses it against cylinders.

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